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I used to love younger girls, like 18 and 19 years old.  They are usually so cute and have perfect petite little bodies.  But then when I was around 19 I had an experience that changed me forever.  I was staying at a friends house and noticed that several other people kept stopping by and going into the other room to say ‘hi’ to his mom.  She was super hot and probably around 49 years old.  I heard that she did MILF Phone Sex and thought that was a pretty funny job, but she made great money doing it.

MILF Phone Sex and Sex with a Mature Woman

So after a while things calmed down and it was time for us to go to sleep.  That’s when I heard a noise and saw my friend’s mom walking through the kitchen.  She had a nightgown on that you could easily see through as it was very thin cloth and the moonlight in the background made it practically invisible.  She stopped and looked over at me and gave me this really sexy smile as she knew I was looking at her.

As she was heading back into her room she looked back at me and waved me over.  I thought this was crazy, because my best friend was not far from me and it seemed like his mom was seducing me.  We’ll I did what any horny 19 year old guy would do and I followed her into her room.

She then sat on the bed and told me that she had been watching me all day.  When we were swimming earlier she watched me and thought I had a nice body.  I didn’t know what to say.  She then told me that she talks to young men like me all day as a MILF Phone Sex operator and she knew then younger guys often wanted to experience an older women.   Next she stands up and starts to slowly remove her nightgown.

She asks if I think she is sexy and of course I say yes.  Her body was beautiful, mature and incredibly hot.  She starts to rub my thighs and kiss me.  It was so erotic and taboo that I almost lost it right there.  She can tell you the rest of the story, and many others..  Her name is Shelly and she takes calls on